Steps to Use

Steps to Use

1. Place the speaker in the water at the depth of about 3.3 feet (1 meter) with the cable;

2. For Model MA001, fasten the cable or fix the speaker  body with band clamp to a proper position. For other models, fasten the speaker body to a proper position;

2. To place the speaker to the proper position, you can:(1)use rope to fix or hang up; or (2)use band clamp to fix; or (3)use balloon as buoy to hang up; or(4)other proper way.

3. Connect the plug of cable to the socket of the audio system;

4. Turn on the audio system and gradually adjust the volume in air first and then put it/them into water, since the damage always happens with suddenly tuning up.

How to Position the Speaker in Pool?

The speaker can be placed by wall without affecting sound quality. You can also use a balloon as a buoy to hang the speaker. The position of the speaker in swimming pool is recommended as followed:

One Unit Available: The speaker is close to the center of the long side of the pool.

Two Units Available: Two speakers are separated by approximately 13 - 17 feet (4 - 5 meters), symmetric to the center of the long side of the pool.


For Model MA001, you can use the cable to hang up. To other models, don't use the cable to hang up or carry the speaker.

How to Connect to Audio System?

1. Audio system's sockets are like this:

Insert RCA Plug(s) to socket(s).

2. Audio system's sockets are like this:

Connect RCA Plug(s) to Jack with Two Pins, then insert two pins to the respective socket.

How to Use Microphone??

Using the underwater speaker, the swimmers can hear what someone on the ground is saying into the microphone. The communication is one way. The steps are as follows:


To avoid the feedback, which may cause strong noise, don't let the microphone to be too close to the underwater speaker.